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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 3, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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a beauty. thank you both. >> thank you. lou: that is it for us, thank you, good night from new york. neil: i know everyone today was focused on this guy. is anyone watching this guy? his enemies keep ending up dead, tonight's russia chest master who said we better wake up and fast. welcome i am neil cavuto, here is why kasper of said that putin scares him now he does not try to be subtle any more. boris nemstov is killed. and within hours cleaning crew is out. quoting here, president putin's
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enemies are often victims they are also suspect. if calf. they are all the same leaders appeaseing the crumb len and emboldening these attacks. that is this chess master's way of saying, gary cas pa -- kasparov is my guest. this is geting to be routine. >> almost. lou:.neil: it this particular killing steps from red scare. >> we should not forget bore boris nemstov was not just an be on sig leader, he was first deputy prime minister under boris
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yeltsin. and just 40 minutes before he was killed, he had his last interview. and he spoke about yeltsin's greatest mistake of selecting vladimir putin and turning russia back into the sorted past. >> a kgb guy in those days. >> putin was a kgb guy all day at the time head of kgb then prime minister as you know yell yeltsin's choice for a successor, boris yeltsin was bravest of all of us, he was the most vocal critic of putin's regime he released several reports that revealing indemic prescription -- corruption. violation of human reports. all reports were about putin.
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and report he was about to release, that is why i believe they immediately seized his computer the reporter was about to release aimed at ukraine eastern ukraine. it was about present of russia troops in ukraine. neil: is it obvious for putin to call out a hit when the whole world would say when you say he could be set up. >> who cares that is -- dictators don't ask why they into why not putin confiscateed if you can use the word annexed part of a neighbors country then started a war in another part, he is not hiding his agenda to destroy ukraine state hood. this is -- whether -- >> he has a network of people
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that take care of this? >> it is the most powerful network in the world. it is not difficult to organize everything they killed -- in london. and i think that. neil: the guy who was slowly poisoned. >> what happened? nothing. you know, british government had been blocking all of the attempts of the court to investigate the case. now, i think that boris was killed at the bridge. this is is a unusual place for a killer they look for a dark spot you can commit the crime and escape safely. this is the place that has more video cameras than fort knox. neil: this was videotaped. >> it was one video camera from the city tv. none of the cameras that i was told 18 cameras in the area that
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belong to russian service. they were not functioning? there were no images, just one camera. neil: the one they forget? >> they did not forget about it the snow removal machine stood in the way of the camera to cover the angle to see the face of the killer, but this camera, i don't know why or who decided, the images were released. neil: let me ask you we -- you say, sanctions are not enough the way west, we're emboldening this? what did you mean? >> not that what happens now it is we have to analyze why today we live in a very dangerous world, it is less safe than 8 years ago we should understand it is cummulative appease am, we show weakness time again. hitler -- was not a existential threat but your hesitation, and
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waffling policies, they are feeding the enemy feeding the evil it grows. neil: that is whated in the nat ed in netanyahu was saying about iran. >> right. vladimir putin is the most powerful -- in the world iran is trying to get nukes. as long as the in kremlin and does whatever high wants, how can you tell iran to drop, that they will do what they do. putin is attacking europe, and iran has been increasing its influence in the middle east as prime minister netanyahu mentioned 4 ar arab capitals under the control of iran, there are more to come, because we do nothing, we can pretend to negotgreat with those who use the negotiate tableing only to
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advance their agenda. neil: what do you think of senators that opt the out. >> this is a bipartisan son policy they are wrong, it is about the security of this country, the security of the free world the president of united states has the role of guard of the free world he cannot lead from behind. neil: he thinks he is by these sanctions choking off putin. >> i don't know if he is desperate, today i read a report that exxonmobil increased business in russia, goldman sachs is still there. what is putin iran whoever north korea they don't care about wars, they look at action, so far -- >> you say we should treat russia as a rolling rogue flag. >> putin is a enemy treat him as the enemy he is. russia today is a propaganda
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machine spreading putin's lies. neil: you read the approval ratings. >> how do you know? saddam hussein of the popular and hitler of popular how do you know? thousandss were lining up to say farewell to boris nemstov. neil: what did you make of that? >> we -- it is 85 percent is a number you know, it doesn't include the ratio of fear. you know when someone asked what do you think about mr. fruit in. people putin people don't want tosay anything. neil: so many came out to red square. >> that shows it is not 85% and in moscow, and they want russia to change. neil: what is your fear? >> things will get worse putin will stop only when we is stopped. neil: more opposition figures? disappearing?
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>> more executions in russia, more destableingization in europe, and more support with iran and whoever is working alongside putin to destroy global staeub stableization. >> they need to understand, it should be a message as long as putin stays in power nothing will improvement so far they believe that sanctions will sooner or later will be removed. they don't believe that america and europe are serious they believe that they are lobbying effort will help them get out of this trouble. this message should be sent, and it should be backed by strength. these guys don't understand, the language of weakness, so, strength and negotiating table telling them we'll no longer tolerate this, this and that. first step, weapons to ukraine let ukraine defend themselves.
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neil: amazing gary ka kasporov thank you very much. >> scary stuff. >>
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in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series. neil: i told you the executive orders were getting out of control, now the president is seriously thinking of hiking taxes with the stroefbg a pen. stroke of a pen. >> president has examineed the a of executive authorities, he
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is very interested in this avenue. >> president is very interested in this avenue, generally. wow that avenue, is revenues. and order to hike taxes holy cow, that is not just an executive order that is an executive order on steroid. it would be a logical leap for a white house that has taken serious constitutional leaps with this presidential prerogative that turned into more of royal edict. is it that much of a stretch to bypass congress, and hike new taxes on your own. the president keeping checking them off, but this tax thing this is say new thing. a very scary thing. i am not a lawyer, i know it has to be illegal because i think
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our constitution said, only congress can do this kind of stuff. it says nothing about the president telling them, to just get stuff. south korea republican congressman mark sanford is a bigger expert on that constitution he knows it, and i think you are a lawyer too? >> no thankfully no. neil: thank god then you do know what you are talking about. this takes the executive orders to a new level congress has power of purse spring not the president. >> you are right. this fight right now in homeland security. and creating citizenship for for the millions of folks here is what you are expressing. this is taking it to another level. but it fits with a very
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disturbing pattern have you seen with this president it began with dhaka for young folks i tell you we are not adhereing to the law with the stroke of a pen i'm doing it government -- differently, then businessman date within president's health care bill, we'll not apply it to business but to individuals then from there to school mandate, and i tell you what i'll make an amendment to that on my own not through congress, i will make an adjustment to war powers and i don't think the congress for that and more lately. the 5 million undocumented workers, and now the idea of raising taxes this fits with a very disturbing pattern we've we've seen with this president breaches the rule of law in the constitution that has served this country well for 200 years. neil: here is a way a few of my liberal friends say neil he is not raising taxes out right he is closing loopholes to ask
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congress to close and address before the loopholes add up to presume $100 billion over 10 years, that is a hell of a lot of loopholes so i don't buy it. i don't don't think he even that that power. he will have already gotten all of this revenue throughout the taxes. >> yeah, and that is what, why there has been a fight on homeland security issue that we see playing again right now as we speak. out on the house floor. it is because we morphed from president himself saying more than 20 times i don't have the authority to do this stuff to him taking it on a unilateral act, we have marched moved from a -- morphed from a judge saying, you
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can't do, that and he still presses forward. and we're setting constitutional precedent if you want. with regard to which the way that a president might take unilateral action, if we do, that we go a long way to upsetting our delicate balance of power that our founding fathers put in place with a judiciary, legislative branch, and executive branch. if you can simply just go to the king, and say you take care of it we have gone a long way from again, constitutional framework that our founding fathers set up. neil: you have the power in the house to do, that he does not congressman thank you very much. glad to hear you are not a lawyer continued success. >> my pleasure. thank you. neil: what is ikea doing trying to worm its way to a hot new
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what the tech segment? doing something brillient really brilliant.
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neil: well you know by now that nasdaq is back, technology has been on a tear. most talked about new segment in television news has been born, what the tech takes you where stock used to go -- spok used to go, sadly, leonard nimoy is gone every day we'll look at names and stocks that are percolating our tie tech gift to you, tech tidbits we're more than happy to sprinkle out there for you. first up, google, and amazon, looking to go cellular. fancy themselves the next verizon day are talking of building their own cell services with their own calling plans
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that would make them high-tech one stopone stop shops or maybe they should just stop, and stick to searching and selling? not overreaching? to tech watch ex ordinary kasi slain. >> it could be really good for the consumer, they are trying to do is trying to figure out a way to move cellular phones between cellular carriers and wi-fi more data could go through the wi-fi network it could safe consumer -- save consumers a lot of money but particular hurt verizon, at&t and sprint, it could give them a run for their money. neil: but does google risk going outized outside their comfort zone? >> could be, google has been talking about drones, and google
8:24 pm
fiber now cellular game. it could be bad or it could be good. hard to know what is going to happen at-this-point in time, a lot of shareholders may not like it they have a lot of money on the sidelines i lot of shareholders would like them to buyback stock. neil: i am -- what the tech. microsoft going soft on phones. talk is company sitting apple samsamsung pipe out and hoping after dust settles that customers will look at its cheaper, microsoft insists way cooler smartphones this seems like a dumb strategy, the phones get high reviews they have -- why not? >> i agree this is a dumb strategy it is not about the phone any more but the apps, microsoft missed boat when they came in late to the game.
8:25 pm
and their app market not strong, looks at their app market compared to google store and iphone they are way behind. they are late. i think they are in trouble with this. neil: i notice with microsoft htc comes tos to mind, they do have cool phones but they can't get off of starting gate. >> true, nokia nok -- they brought nokia. and consumers are cannot differentiate them, you have to sit down do research to figure out give difference between the forms of phones. i think microsoft needs to relook at how they are marketing the phones. neil: one market would not see -- and what the tech isicia gettingia get-- irk -- ikea getting all high-teching
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on us, with night stands, that can recharge your smartphone, la-z-boy why didn't you think of this? >> this is great but ikea may be a blighta little bit too early the technology has not easeed its way out yet, there are a couple other wireless charging technologies are that backed by samsung, and qualcomm. neil: in furniture? >> no just different technology, like picking beta before beta and vhs has figured out who will be the dominant player. nobody has chosen which is the dominant one they are early to the game, it is a great idea but they may have to change it. neil: i think they are doing is
8:27 pm
saying before you get that furntushfurniture has a great high-tech future. >> people might pick it up because of that. but in long run they have to be careful, wireless technology is new. you know in no dominant player yet. choosing that, and right now out of the gate, it could -- might be costly for them. neil: see just stick to getting swedish meat balls. >> right and chocolate. neil: do you remember it might have been horse meat. >> yes stick to that, and chocolate and furniture. >> we read, his lips. then it costs him a second term? his son is work voiding the same
8:28 pm
mistake now. some saying it could cost him a first term?
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read my lips, no more taxes. neil: like father like son? not quite. awful. jeb bush refusing to sign a no tax hike pledge if he runs for president, trying to avoid the mistake as dad. he is making a bigger mistake by not signing it? he knows what happened to his dad. >> well i understand that, and we wants to run on his record as
8:32 pm
governor of state of florida where he did not raise taxes but thing for small businesses, taxes are number one concern we have. uncertainty about tax code is another problem we support total tax reform, not just corporate, but total. because most small businesses are passed through entitys. neil: would your client be annoyed if he said, he can't make that promise high would he would be open to raising taxes. >> they would be, we can't afford it we need to be able to reinvest in our hire employees and when he doesn't say that he ising going to not raise taxes we don't know what he is going to do. neil: he can guarantee. >> right i was in that convention hall in 1988 in new orleans,. neil: is that right. >> and createing that strategy, actually so, this is a mistake
8:33 pm
but it is a predictible one mobil surprise, bush 20 years ago refused to sign the pledge, he ran for governor in '94 '98 and '02 this is a big mistake though. neil: what if a demand he make a concession? had said, not to raisin come taxes but you can raise fees and that. >> if you read the pledge from americans for tax reform, it is not that specific it says, i agree not to support a rise in marginal income tax rate, and i agree if there is a take deducts away we'll have a commence rate reduction in spending it is not that big of a deal this tax pledge. he has a great record at governor. >> my mother had a saying, he can't say yes he won't say no, will he see maybe he might.
8:34 pm
that is what this sounds like. neil: you are dating your mother. i just think we could be too clever. and that is what jeb bush might be saying. but that annoys the conservatives. >> a missed opportunity he has a very good tax cuting record as governor he cut property taxes support schools and veterans, and cut -- >> put your -- >> but he just doesn't want to get boxed in. neil: i understand. you have to get elected. >> as a small business owner again, i will say if he is not willing to take that pledge, and as much as i like jeb bush. neil: don't you think that pledges are goofy in and much them. all of a sudden no. >> i think there is something about once you take a pledge like that, have you made a commitment and you will do your best effort. neil: and you make a commitment on deficit spending they don't mean what they say. >> that is politics.
8:35 pm
>> i understand. why come out making a pledge you sudden a lie. >> i don't think you intend for it to be a lie. neil: neither did his dad. >> i understand and i realize there is no guarantee, on the other hand it does give a voter some degree of certainty. who they are voting for. neil: are you saying -- a alienated himself with you. >> yes. neil: what do you think. >> a good point they want to see a sign you will turn back the clock from before obama we have to fix this economy the best way to do that is cut taxes, this isn't even cutting taxes this is just about raising taxes. it sends a signal we -- >> is he going to be nominee with this stance 1234. >> he?>> he is leaving an opening for fiscal conservatives to say -- >> you know, really misnomination to lose in my opinion. and as you said, he is -- >> really? >> opening the door, he letting
8:36 pm
someone else get in there. >> not his to lose away too early, but he is creating a opening for fiscal which ofs to conservatives to make it plaque and white -- black and white he won't do that. >> i was looking on internet today, people said, you know we need something like scott walker so here is somebody's name that is coming up. that may be had been to the way side because of his decision. neil: interesting, all right you will be back later. in the supreme court is going to get another crack at president's health care law tomorrow, and republicans are praying it is shot down. what if i told you that could be the worst nightmare for republicans. after this. ♪ at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. every day, our teams collaborate around the world
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neil: get ready for a new roy orbison single after his death. he left a lot of unheard of songs to his son see what they are doing on stkpraeufrpblg "strange inheritance." >> obamacare in legal limbo? the issue tax cub stkaoes critical-- tax subsidiescritical to funding the law, but what if the key provision is should the down in court do they have a back up plan? we ask the guy who is watching this closely oklahoma republican senator jim i'm. >> we have three people senator baracey, and alexander put
8:41 pm
together a plan, this has not been revealed it, i would hess day to say too much -- hesitate to say too much about it, people say we have to win these lawsuit, our attorney general in state of oklahoma of first to file a lawsuit it looks like we have gotten by obstacles it will be heard tomorrow, a decision will be made in june, i have every confidence it will happen. you asked a hard question, we still have a lot of these parts in place, what will happen, is that these three very bright specialists in the united states senate barrasso, hatch and alexander is kr-pl up come up with something they believe the work, i think that is what is going to happen. neil: you have to hope they make
8:42 pm
progress because if the court strikes these subsidies down, to just keep them going they have to fund it through higher premiums? >> well, no, that would not be funded under much higher premiums keep in mind, it will be heard tomorrow, this is not until june we have a long time to lock at it people i talk to, moo my state of -- my state say we just want to win get another system in place not just a matter of doing away with one but replaceing with somebody -- >> you think by june, that you would have that in place? event. >> oh, yeah. eyeah. i think that by june, we'll have something we can put in place as soon as this becomes active. neil: the president would not sign that would he? >> well, it depends on what it is. i can't tell you right now. you will have a lot of people putting a lot of pressure on him to get something in we start
8:43 pm
with nothing. this so you know, i disagree with a lot of people say, that view of republicans have a majority but not a veto, you wait neil, you will see a lot of democrats, that are going to be looking at their reelects coming up, thinking, you know the best thing i could do to be reelected as democrat in u.s. senate is override one of the president's vetos let's see if that happens. neil: veto override votes are important even if you don't win. it puts everyone on record for or against. >> on record, that is right. the same thing happening with these over regulations from environmental protect agency. i mean if you take the just the greenhouse gas regulation, water of united states regulation, ozone, and that would be in case of greenhouse gas largest tax increase in history of america i am hoping that you with your audience will be really getting into that letting people know,
8:44 pm
that if that happens then, you would think what do you get for it? by their own admission if they have a cap and trade system, it is not cutting down the worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases or co2 the reason they admit this, because the problem is not here it is in countries like china and india. neil: senator thank you. >> thank you nice talking to. >> here is why our entitlement system is a "house of cards," real life liberals will not let kevin spacey touch them on "house of cards." you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds
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neil: in our biz blitz, if you are scared of flying now
8:48 pm
imagine terrorists controlling air traffic itself, government warning that the faa could be hacked. that not good. why it seems no one is prepared for these threats bad guys could control your plane. you could imagine? >> that is a scary thought. not to mention the effect on, travel industry. people are already afraid to fly. if that happened that would put the kibosh on a lot of people's plans and instill fear. the case that faa backed behind their security prevention issues if theys not up to speed on their i-t that puts us as pay at a big disadvantage, and security risk. neil: it one thing to hack into
8:49 pm
a system but another to assume you could control the plane or crash one. >> i am glad i did not read this story mid flight. this is nerve-racking. neil: you own a private jet you would -- >> your prove if you consider mayor corporation have not solveed this yet we're going to trust a government agency to solve this? they are saying they are not ready they have failed the test. test. neil: defense contractor system, and defense department system there is precedence. >> they are getting more sophisticateed. are we keeping up. >> and dodge they are not -- obama administration they are not fighting the fiber security as a war this is a major threat this is a signal. neil: we're spoiled house of cars season 3 out people are fumeing over kevin spacey's
8:50 pm
character, cracking down on entitlements, i just want to remind you at home. it is a fake show! it is not real! >> you know, entitlement is that third rail of politics. >> they are over wrought. >> i know, sometimes a line between reality and fiction is not so clear in some viewers minds this would be a hard thing to do inflation world of television or in reality. >> my money is on frank under wood. high is shrewd -- he is shrewd. neil: i like that line, you are not entitled to anything. hillary clinton under fire for using her personal e-mail to
8:51 pm
handle her state department duties. is this outrage overblown? or her staff. >> i think the outrage is under blown. the mainstream media will suppress this, say well, of course hillary had to do that, she as enemies we'll give her a pass, she violated the law for 4 years. years. >> i am just saying, we have rit people here -- i-t people here, half the time i don't know what is going on. >> that is makes an excuse for her. neil: i am saying i am not angry like you are it is possible her i-t people should is said, madame secretary news flash you have to get set up on the e-mail. >> it is possible, she made no i would rather do it my way. whatever the situation there is aa precedent that maybe other
8:52 pm
secretaries of state did the same thing if that the case, that probably should be changed. because, if you use -- i don't think she was using yahoo! but something @clinton e-mail. >> that was her domain name. neil: here is what is weird. might have been a clever strategy with the guys hacking into government accounts and agencies they are looking to get in state department, here she is up on the cloud. >> epa administration was run out of her position because she did the same thing with fake domain names. neil: well, come on. >> okay this is hillary, she will pay a price for this but not as -- if she was a republican can you imagine. >> are right about that, you are also do, that is the point that you are occurring now.
8:53 pm
>> this way earlier. neil: yeah. >> it works in her favor, i am sure jeb bush and potential opponents are sending her thank yous. neil: he did. look at my e-mail for the world to see. >> on the record. >> will we learn anything about benghazi that is an important question. neil: you think that this is like republicans to -- >> this came from a foi request. neil: freedom of infer may ormeation -- inform ening a. >> a lot of you are ignoring benjamin netanyahu but a lot of you are not ignoreing thoseic yoreingignoring netanyahu.
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neil: what is deal with making a big deal out of bb, he came, he spoke a lot of democrats ignoreed. why? because speaker john boehner did not run the invite to the white house. talk about a bunch of babies. i am sure that president of iran were here, the president would introduce the nut himself. >> he is head of state due some respect, and respectful audience. and iran is loveing this, fighting arguing the no showing. why bomb us when they can just humiliate us. >> and news media should take note of every democrat who does not attend, broadcast their names, such disrespect should
8:58 pm
not be tolerateed. >> paul en, netanyahu taking advantage of this wedge between boehner and the president for his own purpose. no self respects leader would stip into middle of such nonsense still speak. >> davis agrees, any time my wife and i are at a party and host couple starts fighting, we quietly leave. no upside to staying netanyahu should have done what any embarrassed guest would do, politely decline >> here is what bugs me, we botch it, the speaker should have handleed this better but the damage is done, why compound it by saying we're not going to netanyahu's speech because you done go through normal channels. silly, stupid, moranic. dave. i think that everyone is missing the obvious when it comes to netanyahu speech before congress obama is playing this whole thing up, so when negotiation with iran fail, he
8:59 pm
can blame it on congress, and netanyahu. butler in view of spoiled brat, sniffattitude i wonder if anyone knows how to make a welcome list u.s. netanyahu. to show our support for israel. >> and i am so embarrassed by the way that leaders of each country act so jewel juvenile, especially our president i guess he got his feelings hurt, i have never anything like that. i am almost 80. >> my wife likes. >> you and in my family, if someone knocks on the door, and we don't top open it, we hide up stairs and don't make a sound if democrats were smart they
9:00 pm
would have locked doors to the house so no one could get in, problem solved. that is one way. thank you for watching. strange inheritance, right nowock 'n roll legend. >> crazy thing about roy orbison from 1959 to 1964 he had 21, top 40 hits. >> he dies too soon with 3 young sons. >> he sep secretly wanted us to be musicians but he was not going to push. >> i rubbed my eyes and look add the this. >> i have a cassette of a song nobody heard before. before. >> it will bring roy and his boys together again. jamie: had you always dreamt of plays with your dad. >> always, yeah. >> have mercy.


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